PXI Bench

A tool to provide actionable insight into player experience, specifically designed by and for games user researchers.

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PXI Bench for Game Developers

Informed game design

Assess how your game performs and take design decisions accordingly

Reduced effort

Make design decisions based on a quick yet comprehensive analysis

Benchmark your game

Compare how your new game performs to prior versions or other games

PXI Bench for Researchers

Understanding Players

Measure the player experience as a multi-dimensional construct and dissect how players experience the game: at the functional level (immediate experiences as a direct result of game design choices) and the psychosocial level (second-order emotional experiences). Read more on the theoretical model

Use a validated, open-access instrument

Use an instrument that is developed by an international consortium, in collaboration with 64 games user experts and thoroughly validated with 529 players, supporting the theorized structure of the scale and providing evidence for both discriminant and convergent validity

Delivering Actionable Insights

Examine relationships between the different PXI constructs (audiovisual appeal, ease-of-control, challenge, progress feedback, goals and rules, immersion, mastery, curiosity, meaning, autonomy) using multivariate statistical analysis to model your data.